Thursday, October 3, 2013

The GTA V Easy Mod makes modding your Grand Theft Auto saves for single player or online mode very easy. Here is how to use it.
YouTube Channel and Video of GTA V Easy Mod
Download Here

1. Open GTA V Easy Mod
2. Type in the name of your profile and check which platform you are using and whether or not it is for online play.
3. If using anything other than PC please insert a USB containing your saved file
4. Be sure to test your account and online connection to make sure it is reading it correctly.
5. Choose whether it will replace your save or create a new save.
6. If your saved game is on a USB click "Download Single Player Save" and give it a few seconds.
7. Click "Test Save" and then change the IDs on the saved game
8. Choose the options you would like to add to your saved game.
9. Apply Changes and have fun!

Images from using the tool during the video. I'm on Xbox and had to take picture with my phone.